Dallas, TX. The Dallas Uptown Chapter of St. Paul Street Evangelization is up and running! This new team has been out evangelizing a few times so far.

Pictured is the team leader, Randy Grasso, witnessing to a woman who stopped by their table. He describes the new team: “Our ministry is to the 20-something’s in Dallas’s Uptown area populated almost entirely by college students and young professionals. We try to talk to them on their way to brunch or sports bars in the area. We also talk to the staff of restaurants and bars there. We talk to a lot of former or lukewarm Catholics, and we give out lots of rosaries. This is a pretty hard group, though, since they are very worldly and focused on a dozen things other than true happiness.”

On a recent outing, team members Randy and Cheryl talked to a young couple originally from Lebanon. They are Catholic and were very happy and surprised to see them out sharing the Faith. They already had their own miraculous medals and rosaries, so didn’t need the ones offered them.

Thanks be to God, for this new team! We currently have about 200 street evangelization teams bearing witness to Christ. Are you going to start a new team? If not, why not join a team? Every member of Christ’s Church is called to bear witness by word and deed.