Cohoes, NY. Carol and Lorraine of the Cohoes New York team went to the Farmer’s Market on a Saturday recently. They had an awesome time of evangelization! They spent about 3 hours there, had some great conversations, and gave away approximately 125 “fish” prayer cards. An example of these is here pictured. Many of the people who took fish were college students.

Lorraine spoke with one lady who wasn’t Catholic but who knew the priest from a local Church. Lorraine asked her why she wasn’t Catholic and the woman replied that it was because she didn’t have a sponsor. Lorraine guided her to talk to the priest whom she was already friendly with for guidance.

Carol spoke at length with a young woman who asked a lot of questions about the Church and Holy Mass. Carol gave her pamphlets on “Common Objections,” “Why be Catholic”, and “Reasons to Believe.” She then directed her to St. Joseph’s church for the upcoming “Mob Mass.”

Another woman who had received a fish from them came back later and told them that the words on the fish she received were exactly what she needed to hear.

One woman was hesitant about the Church because she felt everyone was judgmental. Carol said she would find judgmental people everywhere. For the most part, she said Catholics are a loving group of people who take care of each other. She seemed to really respond to that – like that was the answer she was hoping for. She also asked for prayer. She and the friend she was with seemed to want a place to worship that they would be accepted in. They were happy to receive the prayer and were told about how their needs would be prayed for in the adoration chapel with hope that they find the church community that they were looking for. They seemed open to trying the Catholic Church.

One woman came over to Lorraine and said, “Isn’t it wonderful that God knows each of us? He knows what we are doing; He knew us even before we were born.” Lorraine added, “And He counts every hair on our heads!” She took a fish and asked Lorraine if she could hug her!

One young man came by and took a fish from Lorraine. He said he wanted to leave it where his students could see it. He is a teacher in a public school, he revealed, and has to be careful what he says. He added that his pupils are so needy, that he must become like a father, big brother, and counselor, as well as a teacher. He prays for them every day.

Another young man with a toddler in tow, took a fish and shared that he prays every day. He had barely stepped away when an older man approached and said, “That was my son.” He said also that he sent his son and daughter to parochial school all the way through. Lorraine congratulated him for this.

Each encounter, it seemed, was a moment of grace for the team and for those with whom they spoke. The Holy Spirit was surely moving among them. Well done ladies! And give God the glory!

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