Gaithersburg, MD. You know, teams do not only street evangelize, but they often become true communities who support each other. This, in turn, bears fruit in joy, which is noticed by those we speak to on the streets. This dynamic is evident in the recent detailed report from the Gaithersburg, Maryland team:

“More has happened in the last month than we could have possible hoped for! In mid-August, our team leader, Joanne, was bountifully graced in being able to attend the St. Paul Street Evangelization Leadership Training in Detroit, MI. She has now been appointed a Regional Missionary and is excited to share all she has learned through various workshops which will soon be advertised. In late August, our team had a wonderful going away party for our faithful team member, Steve, who is entering the St. John Paul the Great Seminary in Washington, DC. Steve has been with our group since the very beginning and he will be greatly missed. We are excited for him, however, as he begins this new chapter in his journey with the Lord!”

“Our team has also been busy with what we love to do most: street evangelization. We evangelized at Lake Forest Transit Center on August 23rd, and August 30th. We then collaborated with the local St. John Neumann Parish on September 12th by evangelizing at the local Flea Market. It went great until rain arrived! All of our team members who had signed up for the 12th, came back on the 13th (the rain date) to try again!”

“We probably spoke to about 150 people. We had made a huge sign announcing that the Pope was coming to DC which showed his schedule. Many people were interested in this…. Jews and people of all religions. They wanted to know their best shot at seeing him, which we explained. Among the many people we met was a Muslim gentleman who told us that he and many other Muslims are leaving their religion because of what is going on right now with some members of Islam. He took information from us about the Catholic Church and a copy of the Gospel of St. Luke.”

“We also met a couple who stopped going to the Catholic Church because they said that the Church they attended was too big and impersonal. They worship at a Methodist Church now instead, where they say they are known by name. We warmly invited them to return to the Church Jesus founded. The woman told us that if all Catholics were like us, she would be back in the Catholic Church. This was an interesting statement! We are simply spreading the joy which the Lord has given us. Please consider how your own joyful witness might be what another soul needs at this time! God bless you and remember us in your prayers!”

Great work for the Lord, team! Will you join your joyful witness to that of the Gaithersburg team? Support our mission of bringing the Gospel to all!