Sierra Vista, AZ. The Sierra Vista team got a recent boost at associated parish, St. Andrew’s annual ministry fair. It was overall a great success.

During the homily at Mass, the pastor promoted Saint Paul Street Evangelization, calling the whole parish to focus on evangelization for the year.

During the remainder of the ministry fair, the team got lots of people interested in the apostolate to sign up to get involved and for more information.

One woman in particular, who wanted to join the team every week, is filled with zeal for the work of evangelization. She works as a night baker, and when she gets off at 5 AM she calls some of her homeless friends (they all have “Obama phones” now) and brings them cases of water, and sits with them and reads the Bible to them. She also knows her faith very well.

An interesting encounter during the fair was with an agnostic who had come for the picnic also going on at the parish. Team leader Ed “planted some seeds,” and gave him an Evidence of God CD by Peter Kreeft.

In the light of the success of SPSE’s presence at the fair, the weather on and around it did not escape the notice of Ed: “What is amazing is that it rained hard on Saturday, was sunny on Sunday for the ministry fair, and rained on Monday really hard for a long time. God planned it that way.”

Thanks for the good work, team Sierra Vista! We need more teams to form and lead their parishes in the all-important effort of evangelization. Will you join us? Will you start a team?