Philadelphia, PA. Symbols are very powerful. They can speak simple, yet deep truths to us in a mere moment. This is all the more the case with divine symbolism, accompanied by grace. Very often, for example, simply offering a sacramental to a person can open their heart to the action of God in their lives.

Here we see Steve posing with a girl he met at the train station going into downtown Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families. Steve saw the girl sitting down, reading a book while waiting for the train, and offered her a free miraculous medal. He told her about how for almost 200 years, great graces have been bestowed upon those who wear it. She gratefully accepted and put on the medal. Very quickly, she began to choke up as if to cry. Steve asked her if she went to Church – she did, though not to a Catholic Church. Steve gave her a few reasons to consider the claims of the Catholic Church, and she said that she indeed would, and she took Steve’s card. Please pray for this girl on her journey to greater closeness with the Lord. And join us in the work of bringing souls to Christ!