St. Paul, MN. National speaker and Catholic author Kelly Wahlquist recently joined our Program Director, Adam Janke, and a group of evangelists on the streets of St. Paul, Minnesota. The group of evangelists, who had just completed our live Basic Evangelization Training, gave away dozens of rosaries, prayed with people, and invited people to faith in Jesus and His Church.

Kelly recounts that she was drawn to speak to a man holding a puppy. As she spoke to him she learned that he had grown up Catholic but fell away from his faith. He would still go to the beautiful Cathedral of St. Paul downtown from time to time and reflect until it was time for Mass, when he would get up and leave. Kelly spoke to him about his life and talked about God’s love for him. He said that he was going to go see the new movie “Black Mass” that night, but after speaking to Kelly he felt like it was more important to get back to the real Mass, and the Sacrament of Confession. Praise God!

Jeff Cavins, Kelly, and over 150 people from the twin cities came out for our hands on, practical workshop on how to be a great evangelist and left invigorated and enthusiastic that evangelization really is easy and fun – we just have to allow God to take us outside of our comfort zone so He can use us as instruments for His light to shine in the world. This is true for all of us!