Washington, DC. St. Paul Street Evangelization Team Fredericksburg teamed up with American Life League (ALL) and others in a peaceful protest at a construction site in urban DC. The construction site is for a proposed Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, and would be adjacent to a private middle school. Equipped with Rosaries, SPSE pamphlets on Abortion, and Pope Francis million dollar bills, many conversations were attempted. SPSE-Fredericksburg stood tall on the street during the peaceful protest. Prayers were made, and classic Christian hymns such as Amazing Grace were sung. SPSE Team Leader Ron Lisk led the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. One of the participants asked for a Rosary, and an Abortion pamphlet to give to a by-stander. The encounter was emotional and receptive. Pope Francis million dollar bills were offered to folks watching the protest or simply walking by.

After standing in the street for over an hour, Ron began a conversation with a fallen-away Catholic. He said he left the Faith because he had questions, and no priest had answers. He expressed issues with the authority of the priests, the Sacraments, and “praying to dead people.” Returning to the street, Ron chatted with a mother affiliated with ALL. Her family has a preference for the Extraordinary form of the Mass (i.e. the “Latin Mass”). Ron inquired as to how her daughters liked the Latin Mass. The mom introduced him to her daughters and had them respond directly to the question. The responses were very genuine, thoughtful, and insightful. Ron testified, “I noticed that the fallen-away Catholic was standing just to my left, and listened as the youth gave their witness.”

Let us pray that the young girls’ words were inspiring to their hearers. Let us pray also for the unborn, those in poverty and others who may be encouraged to have an abortion, and for the sad condition of our country. And if you are not yet involved in our apostolate of evangelization, join our efforts!