Dallas, TX. – Our evangelists had multiple encounters on a recent Sunday with several different Seventh Day Adventists. They came downtown to pass out a book. In the photo, an SPSE Evangelist is speaking with a Seventh Day Adventist.

These Adventists have a few things in common with Catholics: Trinitarian Baptism, the divinity of Christ, the Virgin Birth, and rejecting “Sola Fide,” and other things. They also, however, believe that the Catholic Church is “the Whore of Babylon,” and that the Pope is the Antichrist.

The team talked to them about many of these issues, and especially about the issues of authority, the Church, and the Pope. Gene gave contact information to one of them and they agreed to meet at a later date for some friendly, lengthier discussions. Of course, the Adventists were given all kinds of Catholic literature to take with them.

Praise be Jesus Christ for the work of our evangelists! All over the country, and beyond, they are out on the streets encountering people of all backgrounds, bearing witness to the life and teaching of Christ, and his Body and Bride, the Church. Will you join us in this mission?