DETROIT, MI – The Detroit Parish Festival Evangelization Team met at St. Joseph Church in Detroit for their annual Oktoberfest which draws many non-Catholics. One non-Catholic Christian, a man named Roger, visited the table three times and spoke to the team at length about the Gospel, sacraments, prayer and the intercession of saints. Roger accepted a rosary, Miraculous Medal, crucifix, holy cards and a CD.

Evangelists also spoke to David, a man who described himself as a “progressive Christian” and former Methodist who goes to church only five times a year. David expressed his admiration for Pope Francis, which evangelists thanked him for. The team also clarified misconceptions associated with Pope Francis, the history of the papacy, the Sabbath and the one, true Church.

Please keep Roger and David in your prayers. The team also spoke to many faithful Catholics, several of whom requested rosaries to give to family and friends. One woman wanted to give a rosary to her son who will soon deploy with the U.S. Navy, evangelists gave her a rosary, pamphlet, and prayed for her son.

Great work, Detroit Festival Team! Parish Festivals are a great place to set up an evangelization table. Why not suggest the idea to your pastor?