Snellville, GA. Clarence, team leader of the Smyrna, Georgia team came out to join the Snellville team at the 2nd annual International Festival Day.

David is the leader of the Snellville (Atlanta) team. The couple in the photo approached the table and David, after greeting them politely, asked the lady if she practiced a particular faith. She looked at him with a blank look and then walked to her husband, who was lagging behind, and seemed to relay the question to him. They both came forward and said that they were Muslim, but not practicing. David told them that he understood, and wished God’s blessing upon them. He offered them a rosary and to answer any questions that they might have. They said “No,” and moved along, or so he thought….

Shortly thereafter, David saw Clarence talking with the couple about the rosary. He took several minutes sharing the mysteries of Our Lady’s prayer with this couple and had them actually counting the beads of the rosary with him. Thanks be to God! Afterward, Clarence told David that Muslims have a common respect for Mary, and in this, we find common ground. David reports, “I may be a team leader yet I learn more and more how to evangelize to the diverse community I find myself in.”