Fredericksburg, VA. St. Paul Street Evangelization Team Fredericksburg visits a local shopping plaza, their second visit there this year. Initially, very few noticed the table or showed any interest. For the first hour, Pope Francis bills were offered as a way of celebrating the Pope’s visit to the United States. Several Catholic parishioners talked with them, and thanked them for their effort. Interest in their presence grew, however, and Lolli (one of the evangelists) found herself chatting with folks, answering questions, and offering CDs on Fatima and Scott Hahn’s conversion story, “Rome Sweet Home.” One lady stopped by and asked for a Rosary. She mentioned that she had stopped going to the Church but said, “I am Catholic.” The more she talked, the more it became obvious to the evangelists that her motivation to attend Mass on Sundays was returning.

Toward the end of the day, a person stopped by and asked about the Miraculous Medal. The story of the Miraculous Medal was shared and the Miraculous Medal card was accepted with the medal. Another young man overheard the conversation, and asked if he also could have a Miraculous Medal. He immediately started wearing it. As their time to be there was running out, an older gentleman who was walking by eyed the “necklace” with the Miraculous Medal. They talked and he accepted a medal. He noticed the “Scriptural Reference” pamphlet, took one, and said he was going to read it.

Another couple, Ron and Barb, stopped by as they were packing up. They were recently fallen-away Catholics and they shared their experiences. The conversation lasted for some time and several questions were answered. They noticed the Rosaries and took two. “Of course,” they said, they knew how to pray the Rosary, and about Mary. Bishop Fulton Sheen’s comment, “The family that prays together, stays together” was offered as an encouragement to pray the Rosary daily. Please keep all those that took the time to approach the team’s table in prayer – especially Ron and Barb.

Just another day of evangelization! We hope you enjoy these “Stories from the Street.” Please consider joining us out here, on the front lines!