This September 30th, Saint Paul Street Evangelization had its first outing in Stockholm, Sweden! For their first outing, the new Stockholm team, consisting of Tim, Leopold, and Michel, set up their table in front of the Church.

In one hour, they talked to ten people. “It went really well,” reports the team.

Michel spoke to “Katanza” from Uganda, and prayed with him for the Ugandan people in the great suffering they are enduring. Katanza took two rosaries, and instructions on how to pray them. The team also encountered “Rosario,” from Peru. She took a miraculous medal, a crucifix, prayer cards, and literature.

Three ladies from Ethiopia received rosaries, medals, crucifixes, prayer cards, and pamphlets. The team prayed with them, that their children would remain faithful to Christ. “Marie Antionetee,” from Burundi, took a rosary and medal, and asked for prayers for her family, who were applying to come to Sweden.

Looks like team Stockholm has gotten off to a good start! Please support us in our continued efforts to bring the light of Christ to the world. We have 200+ teams total, including 11 teams outside the United States. Go to to find a team near you. If you want to start a team, go to And please pray for us!