Snellville GA. This year, the Atlanta, Georgia team participated for the second time in the annual “International Festival Day” in the city of Snellville. Do you wonder how SPSE got a booth at an International Festival? One lady they encountered asked herself that very question: “I thought to myself, ‘Why are the Catholics here?’, and then it hit me … they have their own country!”

Among the evangelists were Ray, Emmanuel, and Paul – also Clarence, visiting from the Smyrna team. They had a great day sharing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and the mission of His Church. The photo here shows their booth surrounded by people interested in learning about the Catholic faith. They came from many different backgrounds, experiences, religions and faiths, yet they stopped to talk and listen just the same.

They talked to lots of people. Paul, for example, spent a good deal of time sharing the mysteries and blessings of the Rosary and Miraculous Medal to two young Taiwanese girls. And Clarence explained the Rosary to a family that attends a local evangelical protestant church. Great job, team!