Royal Oak, MI. While evangelizing in Royal Oak, our evangelist Randy met a man playing a guitar. Randy asked him if he would like a free rosary, and he said, “Thank you! I used to have one and lost it.” Randy then asked him if he prays the rosary, which he did. No surprise – many people pray the rosary. The young man said he could feel graces enter his life when he prayed the rosary. No surprise – that’s what happens when you pray the rosary devoutly. As they continued to talk, Randy came to learn – this time with surprise – that the man was a Baptist. Randy then shared with him a few pamphlets, and talked about the power of the Sacraments with him.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Our evangelists meet many kinds of people on the streets. Their stories vary greatly, their paths to God are unique. Won’t you join us and be an important part of somebody’s path to God?