Phoenix, AZ. One of the more common encounters our evangelists have are with Evangelicals, some of which are former Catholics. These encounters are often very positive. Most times, they hadn’t had the Catholic faith passed on to them very well, and just ended up finding Christ elsewhere. So what they find in our evangelists are fellow servants of Christ. Our evangelists, for their part, also find servants of Christ in Evangelicals, just servants needing to be brought up to speed on a few matters.
The Phoenix North team was recently approached by Robert, a former Catholic, and non-denominational Christian. They had a good encounter! Both Robert, and our team, have a special love for the homeless. Here is a report from the team leader, Susan:
“Robert said he still thinks Catholics and other Christians share the same core beliefs. Evangelist Erin talked to him about returning to the Church Christ founded and receiving the Sacraments. He accepted two SPSE pamphlets, including ‘Reasons to Return.’ He also explained that he wears a big bold cross so people will engage him about his faith. He said the homeless often speak with him, and Robert commended the Phoenix North team for giving lunches to the homeless near the downtown library where they set up twice a month.”

“Two people stopped by and asked for Bibles, which this team keeps on hand and can afford by purchasing used Catholic Bibles at secondhand stores. While most people of means have easy access to Bibles, the homeless often do not.”

Encounters with Evangelicals and other Christians are great opportunities to build up trust and fellowship across divisions, and to clear up misunderstandings. Join us! We pray that one day all Christians will be reunited in the one Church that Christ founded. Thanks, team Phoenix North!