Baltimore, MD. When Steve Dawson, director of Saint Paul Street Evangelization, goes on a trip, he likes to meet and evangelize with the local teams. Recently, Steve was in Baltimore to present to the Bishops Committee on Evangelization for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops fall gathering. So as expected, SPSE teams from the area joined forces to hit the streets! There were veteran evangelists as well as some rookies there, and it was a truly fruitful outing.

There were a large number of encounters that stood out; the evangelists seemed to capture the attention of lots of people, getting them interested and spurred on to learn more. One of these was a man to whom they offered a miraculous medal, ‘Chad.’ Chad described himself as religious, and said that he was raised Lutheran. As some of our evangelists like to do, Steve offered Chad “one reason to consider the Catholic Church.” This method is similar to one used often in times past, where a Catholic evangelist would ask someone if they had considered “the claims of the Catholic Church.” Steve gave his “one reason,” explaining to Chad that the Catholic Church was founded by Christ as the one Church, and remains so. This question intrigued Chad, and he wanted to explore it further. They exchanged contact info so Steve could get Chad some good books to read on the subject.