Milwaukee, WI. A first-time street-evangelizer learns certain truths very quickly. One of these truths is, simply: You gotta reach out; you gotta initiate! For the first outing of the new Milwaukee team, Dave and Tom set up their table in downtown Milwaukee along the route of the annual Veterans Day Parade. Dave recounts, “I really didn’t know what to expect on my first attempt at evangelizing in a more formal fashion.… My first observation was that no one really approached us; in fact some would just look the opposite way, cross the street, or just walk by quickly. So I figured we would have to go on the offensive.”

Armed with his new realization, Dave approached a disabled woman across the street. And though she wasn’t interested in learning about the Catholic faith, Dave had now begun to reach out – to initiate.

One such outreach resulted in meeting a young engaged couple that he connected with: “I found out they attended Marquette University in Milwaukee. I shared with them that my daughter graduated from that school several years ago…. [The woman] was currently enrolled in RCIA; she said she wanted to become Catholic so they could both be of the same faith.” Dave went on to share with the couple some important resources, like Catholic radio, that they can use to continually grow in the faith.

Great work, Dave and Tom! May the Lord bless the work of team Milwaukee! Do you live in the Milwaukee area? Are you called to evangelize? (That’s a trick question. We all are.) Perhaps you should join this new team! Or maybe you live somewhere else? We have 200+ teams around the country, and 11 internationally!