Milwaukee, WI. Once they’ve started to evangelize on the streets, many of our evangelists branch out and do the same in their everyday life. They engage in what might be called grocery store, gas station, or restaurant evangelization. Case in point – Dave, of the Milwaukee team, and his wife have been practicing “restaurant evangelization.”

Here’s how it works: For the past several months, when going out to dinner, Dave and his wife have been leaving a miraculous medal and holy card with the tip they leave for their waiter. No need to speak with them directly; just receiving a medal and explaining card can be an occasion for God’s grace to work in a person’s life – you never know what might happen after they receive it!

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t offer your miraculous medals to people personally if you’re so inclined. As with the former method, you never know what might happen. Dave and his wife tried this as well, after building up the courage to give a miraculous medal and holy card to their waiter directly.

“It’s amazing what someone will share with you in two minutes,” Dave said. The waiter ended up being a mostly-non-practicing Catholic. He had had a bad experience in confession, and it had turned him off – though he had recently prayed the rosary and helped out with a local parish meal program. They ended up connecting with the man on multiple points and had a great conversation. Now they have a new friend at a local restaurant, and surely other opportunities to help him on his way to God.
Thanks be to God! Let’s keep looking for opportunities to make connections with people and share the faith with them. There are many ways to share Christ. Street (and restaurant) evangelization is one great way. Would you get involved?