South Windsor, CT. For the first hour, people just looked at the new South Windsor, Connecticut SPSE team. Then the first man approached, “Moses” (pictured here with evangelist Martha Mingle). Moses is a non-Catholic Christian who had been taught that Catholics worship Mary. So Martha was able to explain to him that, while we give Mary the honor due to her, we do not offer her the worship that belongs to God alone. She also explained how Mary can intercede for us, giving the example of a little kid asking his father for something and then asking his mother as well. Moses thanked her for talking with him.

Soon another man walked by, glanced at the set up, and then came back to ask what they were selling. Evangelist Donna Marotto let him know that everything was free. He accepted a medal of Mary, but when Donna asked if he was Catholic he admitted he hadn’t been to church for 12 years.

One non-Catholic Christian woman asked for a Rosary. She told the evangelists that she had prayed it 22 years ago when her daughter needed a transplant. Her husband is Catholic.

A teen named “Nicole” approached and asked if they knew where “the walk” was that was being sponsored by a non-Catholic Christian church in order to teach teens the importance waiting for sex until marriage. The team members prayed with Nicole, and then later talked with the woman who was organizing the walk.

Overall, the team reported they “had a great day and it was a lot of fun”! Great start, Team South Windsor! Thank you! SPSE has worked hard to develop the training and resources to help our evangelists be effective from the very beginning. And being part of a team makes it fun! Are you a member of SPSE? If so, thank you! And if you haven’t joined us yet, please pray about doing so.