The Woodlands, TX. According to the teaching of the New Testament, the Church is the body of Christ, and Christians are incorporated into that body by faith and baptism. For the Christian, then, community is very important. Christians are united with one another as individual parts within a single body are united with one another. What then, should we think about “fallen-away Catholics”? To have lost them is like having lost an arm, or an ear, or a lung. Or to use another image, like losing a family member. Their loss is a wound to the Church.

We received a report from Jen of a recent outing of the Saint Paul Street Evangelization team of The Woodlands, Texas. The report embodies that Catholic community that reaches out to the strayed, and those outside. There was nothing extraordinary reported, just the simple kindness of taking time to share faith with others.

What did they do? In a nutshell, the team sponsored a booth at the “Winter Waterway Festival – Lighting of the Doves” (attendance 20,000), promoting five local parishes, from which they gathered volunteers. Another SPSE team, Houston team, joined them. Their main message was displayed on a banner: “We Wish You A Merry Christmas! From Your Catholic Community.” Along with materials (pamphlets, rosaries, etc.) from St. Paul Street Evangelization and parish bulletins, they displayed a Nativity Scene, and had fun activities for kids, such as “the 12 Days of Christmas musical game,” candy, and coloring sheets teaching the nativity story.

Not only was the response overwhelmingly positive – Catholics and others expressing their appreciation – but a great many people, particularly fallen-away Catholics, took information, and expressed interest. But it wasn’t only them; non-Catholic Christians, as well as those with no religion were interested.

Thank you, Jen, and the Woodlands and Houston teams! Are you the member of an SPSE team? If not, have you ever thought of sharing your faith in public? If not, why not? Every Christian is called to holiness, and to evangelize. Join us!