Royal Oak, MI. The SPSE Team of Royal Oak, MI went out evangelizing on a cold but sunny day at the Downtown Royal Oak parade, which kicks off the holiday season each year. There were over 80 parade units including marching bands, floats, circus performers, dance troupes, etc., and they spoke to a lot of people.

Evangelist Randy met a young lady named Cecile. She went to Church as a child, and attended St. Mary’s Catholic School Grades K-12. She mentioned that she had fallen away from the practice of the Catholic faith. She said that she was “in search” of where she fitted in. Randy spoke to her about the power of the sacraments, and shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her. She was open to begin praying the rosary, and Randy gave her a rosary with an instructional pamphlet, and encouraged her – seek, and you will find, knock, and the door will be opened to you.

Another evangelist, Kathy, offered a rosary to three children with their grandma, and the woman declined the offer. “Do you go to Church?” Kathy asked one of the children, a little girl. The woman answered for her: “No, not anymore.” The little girl kept eyeing the rosaries, so Kathy gave her a rosary with the permission of her grandma, telling her that she can pray to Jesus anywhere.

Thank you, Randy and Kathy! Thank you Royal Oak team! Big public events like parades are great occasions for street evangelization. Do you want to get involved? Do you feel the draw, the call of the Holy Spirit to bear witness to the truth and joy of Christianity? Join us!