Snellville, GA. Many people feel uncomfortable about the idea of evangelizing in public. But for most of these, this is overcome very easily. Just do it, and you’ll find that it’s nowhere near as scary as thought. At the least, just joining one of our street evangelization teams and watching them for a while is usually all it takes to make someone more comfortable and able to join in. David reports on some newcomers who did well on their first outing.

“This evening I had the honor of evangelizing with three young ladies at the tree lighting parade and ceremony on the town hall green. This was June’s first time evangelizing her Catholic faith in public. Soon Ms. Alice and her granddaughter Jessica joined us. This was Jessica’s first time evangelizing also.

We set up on the corner where many of the people on their way to the festivities were crossing Main street. No ‘happy holidays’ or ‘season’s greetings’ was offered from this trio. Just a joyous and smiling ‘Merry Christmas’ was the night’s greeting instead, along with the offer of a free rosary or a medal.

I was fortunate to have a brief but fruitful conversation with a gentleman about prayer in general, and how the rosary has deepened my prayer life and what a grace that has been for me.
As I mentioned, this was a new experience for a couple of the ladies, and I think has gone a long way to build their confidence in offering their faith in Christ and His church to complete strangers, and new friends.”

Thanks David! Thanks June, Alice, and Jessica! Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ!

Are you nervous about going out to evangelize? Why not join us, and overcome your fear? It’s not that hard, and it brings a special joy along with it.