New York, NY. Have you ever heard an account of an event that you just wish you were there to see? Evangelist Jenny sent us a report of her experience at a recent “Nightfever” event in New York. Nightfever is a Catholic evangelization event where a special evening of prayer is offered in a church, while volunteers invite passersby to come in and pray. St. Paul Street Evangelization evangelists have been involved in Nightfever events in multiple locations. Here is Jenny’s report:

“Thank you, Praise God! I was part of the Nightfever team two weeks ago at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC. I was on the street encouraging people to come to the cathedral. Inside were greeters, and of course Jesus [in the Blessed Sacrament] was exposed [for adoration]. There were thirteen priests hearing confessions, and a musical group singing. Visitors were encouraged to light candles and approach the altar to pray. At the end of two hours, there had been 2,000 people in the church (according to the candle count), and confessions went on long after the two hours were up!!”

Oh, to have been a part of it, and to have seen it would have been quite a joy! Thank you, Jenny! It sounds like the evening was a success!

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