Phoenix, AZ. The Phoenix Northwest Team evangelized at The First Friday Art Walk in Downtown Phoenix recently. This event draws all kinds of folk: protestors, “Krampus” devotees, art lovers, college students, musical acts, and even children. Our evangelists encountered people from all walks of life.

In the picture, Evangelist David (leader of the East Valley SPSE team) talks to a disabled woman about the beauty of the Rosary. She was eager to receive a rosary, and her caretaker listened on.

Evangelist Doug spoke to a group of Hispanics about the rosary, and the Church Jesus founded.

Evangelist Juan, together with Doug and David, spoke at length with Nick, an atheist who wanted them to offer proof of the existence of God.

Two others, Carlos and Mona, separately asked the team to pray for them on the street. Carlos bravely broke free from a group of buddies for this spiritual encouragement. During the group prayer, he asked for Jesus’ help for everyone on Earth, and the team later told him it was very Catholic to pray for all souls.

Praise the Lord! Jesus Christ asked us to baptize all nations. Every kind of person is included in the summons to evangelize. We have lots of work to accomplish. Will you join the effort? Become a member – join or start a team!