Cohoes, NY. Prayer is powerful. It consoles, it heals, and it encourages faith. To offer someone prayer, and to pray for them, is almost universally received well. Many of our teams offer to pray for the people they encounter in the streets and parks and parishes – even airports – where they set up. We received a report recently from Donna, of our Cohoes, New York team, about the prayer at her airport outings:

“I wanted to share with you about last week at the airport. We have permission to be at the airport alternating weeks. We share the spot with Jehovah Witnesses. The airport staff have all gotten to know us since we come in with our mannequin of St. Paul. We have a sign on our table which says, ‘need prayer, we can help.’ Many times people come asking for prayer pre-flight. A few weeks ago, one of the airport employees approached us and told us that a co-worker’s granddaughter had to be hospitalized because a brain tumor might have returned. She asked us to pray for her and link into our prayer network. We did. We prayed there and then broadcast it on our prayer network and added the child’s name to our perpetual adoration book [of intercession]. She came back to tell us this week that all tests indicate that the spot found was only scar tissue and that the cancer had not returned. She was grateful for our intercession and wanted us to know. We had ten teams at the airport last week, covering all the busy travel days.”

Praised be Jesus Christ! Do you have a special gift for prayer? Evangelization is not so much about doctrine, but about facilitating the encounter with God. We could use more evangelists who desire to pray with people, helping them to find God in their lives and to move closer to Him! Join us!