Baltimore, MD. Here’s a witness from one of our very active evangelists, Joanne!

“On a Friday night in November, fifteen Catholics from the MD, DC, and VA area gathered around SPSE’s founder, Steve Dawson, for an evening of evangelization in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. What a privilege to spend time with Steve and drink in all his wisdom regarding street evangelization! He spent about twenty minutes giving us pointers about how to engage pedestrians in meaningful conversations about God. Equipped with this knowledge, we hit the streets!

What an experience! We all split up into groups of two or three and handed out free Rosaries to those passing by. We struck up conversations with those who accepted and then sought to help them take one step further in their journey with the Lord. For those who were not believers, we asked if we could offer one reason why they should believe in God. For those who were Christians, we asked if we could offer one reason why they should consider the Catholic Church. And…for those who were Catholics, we asked if we could offer one reason why they should go to Mass every Sunday.

The reasons we offered were the simple ones we all know! We told the atheists that if we found an intricate watch on the shore, we would know someone made it. How much more intricate is the human eye. We know someone made it! We told the non-Catholics that Jesus founded a Church 2000 years ago which included a Pope and Bishops and … that if you want to be a part of the Church Jesus founded, you want to be a member of the Catholic Church. And, we told the Catholics that you want to go to Mass each Sunday because your salvation depends on it! You get the idea….

Basically, Steve taught us to communicate with people by sharing the simple true stories we all know. It was incredibly effective! Many people came closer to the Lord that night. It was a great blessing to have spent those hours on the streets with Steve and my fellow evangelists! Thank you, Jesus!”