Baltimore, MD. Many people look for signs from God. Some of these people need no sign; they know what they should do, but they ask for signs as a way of avoiding God. As Christ said, “A wicked and perverse generation seeks a sign. But no sign will be given it except the sign of Jonah.” Sometimes people seek signs in an addictive way, for the wow-factor, as a replacement for real religious practice, which they avoid as too difficult. These are the “superstitious.” Others seek a sign from God authentically, truthfully. They want to follow, but they find themselves not strong enough to take the next step. In such cases, “asking for a sign” is more-or-less the equivalent of “asking for help.”

During a recent gathering of SPSE evangelists in Baltimore, Maryland, evangelist Louis offered “Edwin” a miraculous medal and explained it to him.

Edwin, for his part, was a man in search of God. He had been growing more and more worried about the world – about how bad things have been getting – and knew that he needed God. He didn’t know whether he should become a Christian or embrace some other religion or spiritual practice – but he knew he needed God. And so he asked God for a sign.

Upon learning that Edwin was seeking God, Louis took the opportunity to speak to him about Jesus Christ, the true Son of God made flesh, revealing God to man and saving him from sin, and about the Church Christ founded to preach and teach, and be a minister of reconciliation to all the world. They talked for about fifteen minutes. At a certain point, Edwin began looking astonished, and he told Louis that he knew God wanted him to meet the evangelists that day. Edwin had gotten his sign, and was very interested in learning more.

Praised be Jesus Christ! From time to time, our evangelists meet people, like Edwin, who are authentically looking for a sign, for help from God to see and believe. Would you be that sign for someone else? Would you join us?