Plymouth, MI. You’d expect that Buddhists wouldn’t know the Catholic faith, but what about Catholic girls coming from Mass? Here’s a report from our Plymouth, Michigan team:

“We had a Buddhist gentleman and his little sister who told us how they believed in reincarnation. We told them that we were made in God’s image, and that we have a body and soul and that each person has great dignity. We then proclaimed the kerygma (the core gospel message) to them and told them that they were made out love and for love, and that the God we have is a personal God, whose Son is Jesus Christ. They just looked at us with amusement and awe and wanted more information about the Catholic faith. We sent them to the initiation program at the local Catholic Church!”

“We also had a few 6th grade girls from nearby Catholic churches walking around and they gladly took the rosaries. But when asked if they knew about the Eucharist, they couldn’t even answer and had no clue what it was! Then I preceded to talk to them about the true presence of Jesus under the appearance of bread and wine. They were in awe, and looking forward and excited to receive Jesus next time they went to Mass!”

Praised be Jesus Christ! The New Evangelization is primarily understood as bringing Christ and the faith to generations which are little more than nominally Catholic. Many of those we meet and talk to on the streets are Catholics – practicing, not practicing, barely practicing, or practicing another faith. Street evangelization is needed now more than ever. Will you join us?