Southlake, TX. For many of our teams, the rosary serves as an icebreaker – a door to conversation – and at times, makes up the bulk of the subject matter covered. This is not a problem, though; teaching meditative prayer on the scriptures is definitely not a bad form of evangelization.

Two evangelists from the Fort Worth team recently set up at the Southlake town center in Southlake, TX for about an hour and forty-five minutes. There was decent pedestrian traffic, but few people stopped to talk with them. Their conversations centered mostly on the rosary. They spoke to a Christian woman who had received some catechism growing up, because her father was Catholic. She wasn’t interested in talking about the faith, but she was interested in a rosary & pamphlet; and they invited her, as she prayed it, to consider becoming Catholic. They met another Christian woman who was interested in knowing what the rosary was, and they explained it to her. She seemed fascinated by it, and the fact the rosary is a “Catholic thing” didn’t seem to bother her at all. She also took a rosary & pamphlet. Another Christian woman stopped because her two young sons wanted rosaries. The team explained to her what the rosary is and how to pray it. They explained the biblical nature of the “Hail Mary” and told her that “anyone can pray the rosary.” She also took rosaries & a pamphlet.

Later, they met a young woman who is currently in RCIA to become Catholic. When asked what drew her to the faith, she answered that it was the example and faith of her father. A Catholic woman also took a rosary from the evangelists and returned later asked for prayers for her son, who is experiencing great trials. They prayed for him right then and there.

The Fort Worth team asks you to pray for that woman’s son as well, for the team, and for all those they spoke to that afternoon. May those who received the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary make good use of it, and may each of them, through the rosary, be led closer to Our Lord Jesus Christ.