Glendale, AZ. The Phoenix Northwest Team went to the recent Arizona Cardinals / Green Bay Packers football game in Glendale. The team had made hundreds of football-themed rosaries in team colors, with football beads for the Our Fathers.

Two teenagers, late for the game, spoke with evangelist Doug (shown here with his daughter) about their experiences. One was raised Catholic and another attended Catholic school. The young men mentioned that they missed the Church and Doug encouraged them to return. Evangelist Susan was asked by a woman to bless her baby, Cruz. Recalling that it was the feast day of the Holy Family, Susan prayed for Cruz and his family. One Catholic woman approached Doug and said it bothered her that people were wearing the rosaries. He told her he agreed – it was not ideal – but felt, on the other hand, it was probably beneficial to them that they had a blessed crucifix with them.

Evangelists learn that they must accept people where they are and encourage them to strive for something more, for life in Christ. The Phoenix Northwest team felt going to a fun event teeming with people was a perfect way to reach a variety of people. Thank you, team!!!

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