Royal Oak, MI. Some of our evangelists have been getting really creative in finding ways to share the faith with others. One of our especially dedicated and enthusiastic evangelists is Randy. Here is Randy’s account of some outreach he made to his extended family during the Christmas celebrations:

“On Christmas Day at my sister’s house this year, we had about fifteen young adults between the ages of seventeen and thirty-one. They were comprised of nephews and nieces and their spouses or friends. This year, rather than give out gift cards, I had a long table set up with fifteen chains, and then I had all the medals in our SPSE assorted medal variety pack grouped in alphabetical order by saint names. After all the gifts had been opened, I made an announcement for all the “young adults” to come over. I then gave a brief talk on each of the saints, and told everyone that they could have one chain and whichever medals they wanted. To my surprise, and much joy, everyone took a chain and one or more medals; and everyone put their chains on, and they kept asking lots of questions about the Saints. We ran out of St. Michael medals, so I gave my niece the medal off my neck. All evening, each one of them told me how special an idea this was and how much they appreciated it. One of my nieces is a nurse, and she asked if she could take some to work to the hospital, as she was working the day after Christmas. With a huge smile on my face, I said that that would be great, and gave her the remaining forty or so medals from the 100 pack.

Here is what she texted me after work the following day: “The medallions were a huge success at work today … any chance I could get more of the miraculous medal? Even if you just tell me where I could get them myself, I think it’s such a great act and I’d love to be able to do that for all my patients. The staff loved it too … we all have one on our badge.”

Also, when we were driving home from the Christmas party, I got a phone call from my niece and her non-Catholic husband. He wanted to know “why we worship saints so much.” I explained to him all about the saints, and texted him and my niece the pamphlet, “Praying to Saints.” This could be a giant first step for him in becoming educated about the truth.

Even my (my other) niece’s boyfriend Paul, who is Baptist, was asking about a St. Paul medal; I told him I would get him one. As a side note, the top two medals taken medals were the Miraculous Medal and St. Michael the Archangel.”

Thanks, Randy! We’re grateful for all your work for the Lord. Would you, dear reader, like to join our efforts? Get involved!
And, of course, Praised be Jesus Christ!