Pomona, CA. There are people out there who feel drawn to Christ, to become Catholic. They are seeking the Lord, but do not know whether or how to proceed. If you commit yourself wholeheartedly to the work of evangelization, expect that the Lord will arrange for you to meet such people. Sometimes, such meetings come to pass in extraordinary ways, encouraging evangelists to see God’s providence in them all the more. One of our (particularly enthusiastic) evangelists, Maisa, calls these meetings, “divine appointments.”

While out of town for a wedding recently, Maisa and her family were unexpectedly given free club-level access to the hotel they were staying at. This gave them access to, among other things, free breakfast! (Who doesn’t want free breakfast?) When they arrived in the lobby the next morning for their breakfast, they found themselves the only ones there – that is, except for a girl, an employee of the hotel.

Maisa sees this as an opportunity to evangelize. She starts talking with the girl, who turns out to be a college student. As Maisa makes friendly conversation, she prays for an opportunity to speak of Christ and His Church. Lo, and behold: The girl eventually mentions that her uncle is a strict Christian. Using that as on opening, Maisa moves to the subject of faith, eventually asking her if she had ever considered the Catholic faith.

“Well, I have always felt drawn to the Catholic traditions of sacrifice…”

Fifteen or twenty minutes of conversation later, it comes out that the girl had never been baptized: “You need to get baptized!” says Maisa. “I want to get baptized!” responds the girl.

Let’s let Maisa finish the story: “So I give her a Miraculous Medal and the Kerygma card. She was so happy. She already knew about the Catholic Church close to her home. She is planning to contact the priest to look into RCIA. I am just amazed how God plans these divine appointments to share the Gospel with others!! Please pray for her.”

Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever! The life of an evangelist is joyful; ask Maisa! And then, won’t you join us?