Austin, TX. If we come before the Lord honestly, wanting to serve Him, He will surely give us what we need to do so. Accordingly, before each outing our evangelists pray for divine assistance. Here is an evangelization account from Scott, a deaconate candidate from Austin, Texas, who experienced the special help of the Holy Spirit.

“During the street evangelization, I talked to a number of people about the power of prayer, how the rosary was a spiritual weapon, God’s love for us and his plan of Salvation of His Son, Jesus. I would then ask if I could pray for the person, would ask their name and if there was anything in particular that they wanted prayers for. I then would pray over them asking for God’s blessings upon them, for grace and peace, and healing in their trials and tribulations. In all of these, my wife would give us our space so as not to make the person feel uncomfortable and ganged up on. There was one gentleman that I was talking to and his primary language was Spanish. I opened up the conversation and in the best broken Spanish I could muster introduced myself and talked about praying the rosary. I then called my wife over to help me explain more in depth in Spanish about the rosary. As I stood there with her and listened, my heart filled with joy and pride at how comfortable she seemed to be in talking with the gentleman, putting him at ease and evangelizing to him. At the beginning of the street evangelization, I had asked the Holy Spirit to guide me as to where to go or what to do and what to say. As I look back, it seems so surreal and I was very surprised as to some of the things that I said, thought of, came up with, talked about, evangelized about and prayed about. As I had finished handing out all of the rosaries and was walking back to the Cathedral, I thought of ‘who was that guy that was saying and doing all of those things.’ Then it hit me: oh! I did ask for the Holy Spirit to guide me; and guide me He did, not for my edification but to be used as a tool of His works.”

If we call upon God, we will often be surprised at the results. Thanks for sharing, Scott! We also have great resources for those who want to follow Scott’s lead and join our evangelizing efforts. See our website for details, then join one of our teams, pray for us, and support us!