Dallas, TX. Our evangelists receive lots of positive responses on the street. Very often, they get encouragement, compliments, and thanks for the work they are doing. Sometimes, they hear someone say, with a smile, something like, “It’s about time the Catholics got out into the streets!” Sometimes, they get words of appreciation for the non-confrontational method they employ. The negatives, on the other hand, are usually very few. A recent outing of the Dallas, Texas team in downtown Dallas is a great example of this.

Chapter coordinator Paul reports that it was a “hit and run” day for them, meaning that many people who walked past the team took rosaries, pamphlets, or CDs, but few stayed put to talk for any real length of time. They did, however, get a lot of positive feedback.

Several Catholics stopped to encourage them and even insisted on giving them money to support the ministry. Evangelist Cheryl spoke to some friendly Protestants interested in the rosary, who complimented them for spending time on the sidewalk to evangelize. Later on, she spoke to another Protestant who took some pamphlets and thanked her for the cheerful offer of a rosary, saying that he really appreciated what they were doing and liked the fact that they didn’t get up “in your face.”

Great work, Team Dallas! Let’s put our faith into action, and support Team Dallas and the 200+ other teams out there bringing God’s love to the world. Pray. Donate. Get involved. Can I get an “Amen”?