Bloomington, IN. Here’s another report from Father Ignatius:

“Every Thursday, I try to go to the Planned Parenthood in Bloomington, IN to pray with other pro-life souls for an end to abortion in general, for the closure of that facility in particular and for all of the women and their babies who will go through that entrance door. I have recently started to try to evangelize the escorts and security guards also, after about an hour of prayer. Truth and grace, eternal life and love, is for everyone.”

“So today, after about an hour of prayer with the temperature hovering around 16 degrees, I thought I would warm myself by some loving conversation with one of the escorts. Charity warms the heart. After greeting him, he immediately informed me that the new policy of Planned Parenthood was that the escorts are discouraged from speaking to the pro-lifers. Oh really!! I pointed out the irony of an organization, which presents itself as pro-choice, doesn’t encourage the freedom to choose to speak with whomever you want! I think the escort saw the point because he then proceeded to listen with some interest to the story of the Miraculous Medal. He said that he used to be Catholic, but not anymore. I asked him if he believed that Jesus is the Son of God and Savior of the world. He said that he didn’t get into such specificities and went on to explain what he did think about Jesus: a Jew, who riled up the Roman authorities and was perceived as a threat. But Pilate thought he was innocent and did nothing deserving death, I pointed out. I said that Jesus said that He was God, equal to the Father, received and accepted worship, and said that faith in Him as the Messiah was necessary for salvation. The escort, no doubt aided by and disposed to grace, was opening up. He was interested in taking a medal, but not then and there, and we could continue the conversation another time…in direct opposition to Planned Parenthood’s ‘no talking’ advice. :)”

Praised be Jesus Christ! Please pray for this man that Father Ignatius is talking to. Also, join our efforts to bring the Good News to everyone!