Dallas, TX. The Dallas and North Dallas teams met at Clyde Warren Park in Dallas, prior to a live viewing of one of the papal Masses in the United States. They met many people and had many great discussions.

One notable encounter was with “Joseph.” Joseph is a fallen away Catholic who travels often. As he travels, he goes church to church looking for one to call home. He is still searching. An evangelist asked him if he had tried the Catholic Church again, and he said no. He invited him to come home. He discussed truth and Apostolic Succession, explaining how the Holy Spirit was given to the Apostles and their successors as a gift to protect and preserve the truth of Christ, Pope Francis being the 265th successor of Peter. The same evangelist had a similar discussion with “Theresa” who is nondenominational Christian exploring Buddhism.

“Chris” and his family are Baptist, as he said, because his entire family is and has always been. When asked if he has ever looked into the Catholic Church he said no because he feels obliged to be Baptist. It was pointed out to him that St. Paul would still be a Jew if he had used the same reasoning. Instead Paul discovered the truth was found in Christ and he risked everything for God and His truth. “Damien” and his family are Christian but do not attend any church. Evangelists discussed the importance of prayer and having a relationship with God, which includes worshiping God and giving Him thanks and praise always.

The teams also me “John,” who is a fallen-away Catholic now Pentecostal, and “Mario,” who believes in God but does not accept organized religion of any kind.

Please keep all these persons, beloved by God, in your prayers, as well as all of the many other people the Dallas teams were able to meet and talk with. If you haven’t yet joined one of our teams, do so right away! Be a witness to Truth, and to Love!