Our national director, Steve, recently heard that Father Ignatius was trying to prevail over others in the Holy Rivals Club by giving away at least two miraculous medals or evangelizing at least two times each time he left the friary (see the Story from the Street entitled, “The Holy Rivals Club”). For those who don’t know, the Holy Rivals Club is a group of evangelists around the country who commit to evangelizing at least one person a day. It gets its name from the fact that the members try to out-do one another for the greater glory of God – they cultivate a “holy rivalry.”

So back to the story: When Steve heard that Fr. Ignatius was trying to out-do him, he responded by upping his daily quota to three! Furthermore, Steve has taken the opportunity of his recent travels to rack up even more. While at the airport, in one day, he evangelized 10-15 people!

In this picture, we see Steve with Ricky, an airport employee. Ricky was a fallen-away Catholic. After talking to Steve for about 20 minutes, he said he would get back to confession and weekly Mass. Praise the Lord!

If you are interested in joining the Holy Rivals Club, then please email us at info@spse.org. If you are interested in joining or starting a team, or supporting our apostolate, please go to https://streetevangelization.com/get-involved/.