Berkeley, CA. Gratitude is a common virtue among street evangelists. When you get out there, spend some time giving out rosaries and talking to people, shake off the initial anxiety, and have some real human encounters, you start to think something like, “So, this is what sharing the Gospel looks like!” What’s more, you feel joy and gratitude. On a recent outing in El Cerrito Plaza – in Berkeley, California – experienced evangelist John spoke to a woman named “Gladys.” Here is what he had to say about the encounter:

“I explained to Gladys that she reminded me of myself. She was surprised, because she had been raised Catholic by her mother and could not explain why she had fallen away from the Catholic faith. She accepted a rosary. I got her to come to the table easily, and then I offered one of our pamphlets to her. I gave her, ‘Why Be Catholic,’ but she saw ‘Reasons to Return to the Catholic Church’ right next to it, and took that one also. I then gave her something she needed: the Miraculous Medal. I explained about the graces from heaven and the Blessed Virgin Mary’s promise for those who wear it. When I gave her the Catholic Immaculate Radio card, I challenged her to listen to our radio station and tune in on some of the programs that have non-Catholic Q/A sessions. She was very grateful and went along her way. Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ, for allowing me to do your work!”

John gave Gladys pamphlets, Sacramentals, resources, and sent her on her way. A very normal, uneventful encounter. But during such encounters (and we have many of them), the grace of God is at work, and evangelists feel grateful and honored to have been given the opportunity to share the most important gift they have ever received: the Christian faith.

Praise and thanks be to Jesus Christ! The harvest is great, but the laborers are few. Will you join us?