Lansing, MI. What is it about our culture that leads so many people to become indifferent about the need to give due honor and worship to God (aka the virtue of religion)? Many things have at times been cited – from consumerism to scientism to nihilism – as the sources of this profound forgetfulness of the rights of God. Our evangelists, of course, encounter this on the streets. But what might not be as much expected is that they find many people who, though surely influenced by indifferentism, nevertheless are not resistant to being roused. It is as if they have simply forgotten something, and only need to be reminded of it. The reasons they give for avoiding church are knocked down without much trouble, and they are amenable to the idea of beginning to go again.
Adam, Mike, and Tom from our Lansing, MI team went out to evangelize on an afternoon recently, and spoke to about two dozen people. Here are several of their encounters that illustrate the above phenomenon.

Tom spoke to Kevin, a Catholic who’s new to the area. Kevin hasn’t been attending Mass, but quiockly agreed, in conversation, that it was important to connect to a local Catholic community, even deciding he wanted to enroll his daughter in catechism classes. Tom was able to connect him to a local Catholic parish that would help him.

Adam met Melissa, who is studying to be a pharmacist. She was raised Christian but quit going to Church. Adam asked her if she had ever considered becoming Catholic, and she just had never thought of it before. Adam gave her his “one great reason” to become a Catholic Christian: the graces we receive through the Sacraments. As they spoke, Melissa took a rosary and said she was very interested in praying it, and would consider looking more into the Catholic faith.

Tom met a man named Dave, and gave him a holy card of Jesus (Behold, I Stand at the Door and Knock). Dave grew up a Methodist, believes in God, but just doesn’t see any reason to go to Church. After Tom shared his own testimony, Dave said he would seriously look into the Church. Tom gave him more information about the local Catholic parish and invited him to join them.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Conversions usually do not happen overnight, but simple conversation often leads to a new openness, which is a first step in the right direction. God deserves our honor and praise. We owe it to Him. He created and redeemed us; He has given us everything that we have and are. We must give back everything to Him. He does not need us to praise Him, of course. WE need to. Will you join us in our work, that God might be glorified by having more of His children loving and submitting to Him?