Berkeley, CA. Please pray for Paul from Napa, California, as he gets a new team started. Paul attended a recent evangelization outing with the Berkeley, California team. It was his first time doing street evangelization. At first, together with another “new guy,” Paul watched the other evangelists to get a sense of what he needed to do. Here are his comments:

12744629_895480607235736_8893624434681311615_n“I am Paul from Napa. I have been thinking of starting a new chapter in Napa. God has been calling me to do something like this. When God calls you to do something that you know nothing about, fear sets in big time. Through the website, I got in touch with David and he called me right back and invited me to go out that Saturday and evangelize in El Cerrito. My first thought was, ‘No thank you, I will stay home and get some chores done.’ But I went. There was David, John and Steve spreading the Good News as I had never seen before. I was ready to leave at any moment without any notice. But I started talking with Dave about how things are done. I was also watching all the time – not missing anything – like I was watching the Super Bowl. I also talked with John and Steve. We shared our Faith in Jesus with each other, and all the little miracles that go with it. And I went from fear, to ‘I can do this.’ To witness these three God-loving men spreading the Good News was awesome. Now my life will never be the same. I am so motivated to start this new chapter in Napa. We reached only a few people that day, but truly I say to you, I was reached totally, and beyond. Please pray for me and all the people in Napa as I start this new chapter.”

Thank you, Paul! We look forward to helping you start a new team. As for you, would you like to start a new team? How about joining a team near you?

Praised be Jesus Christ!