Spotsylvania, VA. The Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a prayer recommended to us often, with strong emphasis and great promises. As a prayer of meditation on the mysteries of Christ’s life and salvific work, in union with the intercession of his holy mother, the rosary makes for an excellent tool of devotion. Like many of our teams, Team Fredericksburg, Georgia, recently gave out countless sets of rosary beads and instructed many in its use. They visited a local Farmers Market for a few hours, and were “so blessed with a wonderful morning.” They started out just offering rosaries, and at first their conversations centered mostly on the social issues of the day: concerns about the family and our society as a whole. They encountered a lot of people they had already met in previous outings.

One young lady accepted a free rosary, but did not know how to pray it. Ron spent some time emphasizing the Bible verses that pertain to the mysteries of the rosary. When asked where did she attended Church, she responded that she attended a “home church.” Conversation continued and she was responsive to taking the SPSE Pamphlets on “How to Pray the Rosary” and “Why Become Catholic.”

After a while, they started offering the Miraculous Medal in addition to the rosary. Children in particular were attracted to it – several families approached them for Miraculous Medals, led by the children. Chatting with these families, they became interested also in the rosary. When they said “thank you” for rosaries, Ron had a response ready at hand: “the only ‘thank you’ we would like is for you to pray the rosary daily as a family, for our nation and its families.”

The team was greatly encouraged that by the many Catholics they encountered who had a rosary, and knew how to pray it. They encouraged all of these to pray it daily for our nation. Lolli chatted with a lady whose Dad is a fallen-away Catholic. She willingly accepted the rosary, and mentioned that her Dad was dying in the hospital. Lolli encouraged her to pray the rosary by his bedside; out loud if her Dad would be willing, for the rosary is a powerful prayer. Please keep this individual and her family in special prayer, and pray for the work of Team Fredericksburg.

And please, pray the rosary daily, and join us! Join a team or start a team, or donate!