Riverside, CA. Team Riverside reported in recently. Here’s what they had to say:

“Team Riverside goes out every two weeks. We meet many people and give away many rosaries. So many that I asked our parish if they could donate rosaries. They responded very generously.”

“We were out a couple of weeks ago and a young couple pass by. We asked if they would like a free rosary, the woman said “no,” and walked by, but after she got to the corner, she came back and asked if she could have a rosary. My teammate, Ann, took a rosary off our table and gave it to her. She looked at it in amazement – she almost cried. The rosary had blue and pink beads; it said “pray for the unborn” on the back of the center metal. She said she came back for a rosary to pray for her sister who had a miscarriage. We only had one rosary like that, and God made sure it was given to the right person.”

“We also attract a lot of homeless. Last week the temperature was in the 40s, and a homeless woman named ‘Norma’ stopped by our table, took a rosary, and then said what she really needed was a coat because she was very cold. One of the team members, Sylvia, took her coat off and gave it to Norma. She initially wouldn’t take it, but eventually relented. She couldn’t stop thanking her, and stayed with us to talk another fifteen minutes.”

“We meet all kinds of people. We encourage them to turn to God, go back to mass, to come into Christ’s church. We don’t see most of the results, we just plant the seed – and it’s up to God to water it.”

Thanks, Team Riverside! Check out our team page to find a team near you. If there is no team close by (or even if there is), you may start your own team.