Detroit, MI. One of our regional missionaries, Beth, was evangelizing recently with her team at a soup kitchen at All Saints Catholic Church in Detroit. It was a great opportunity to talk to people of many faiths and backgrounds of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Beth spoke with Deborah – a woman who did not walk around to visit the SPSE table, because her sight was impaired. Beth asked if she had gotten her rosary yet, and then gave her one. They started with the crucifix, and Beth explained that the image of Jesus on the cross is the image of Love. Often people think of love as hearts and butterflies (and sometimes it is), but true love is sacrificial. Beth told her that Jesus died on the cross for her, and that if she ever feels like God does not love her, she can look at the crucifix and know for certain that He loves her very much. Beth told her that Jesus is saying “I love you so much Deborah… I love you so much that I died on the cross just so you could be united with me.” Then she went through the “kerygma card” with her, step by step, and Deborah recognized that sin breaks our relationship with God and that his saving action on the cross is an invitation to return to Him. Beth asked her if she wanted to respond to that invitation, and she said YES. They prayed a consecration prayer together which seemed to bring her great joy and peace.

Beth also met a man named Zachariah who was very interested in hearing about the rosary and the Good News of Jesus Christ. They went through the Kerygma and he recognized that it is sin that keeps us away from God. They prayed the consecration prayer from the Good News pamphlet, and then he added that we need to pray the prayer EVERY DAY because of the many temptations in the world. Beth gave him her Miraculous Medal and St. Benedict crucifix, explaining how St. Benedict intercedes in a special way against evil and temptation. Zachariah was happy to take the medal, crucifix, and Good News pamphlet.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Evangelization can be as simple as going where the people are, and sharing with them the hope that you have known in Christ Jesus. Why don’t you join us, and experience the joy of sharing the Gospel!