Atlanta, GA. Do you remember Ricky, the airport employee that Steve met? Ricky, a fallen-away Catholic whom Steve evangelized, was featured in the story from the street, “The Holy Rivals Club, Part 2.”

Well, Steve ran into Ricky again. The way that it all happened was pretty amazing, too. You see, when they met the first time, after having talked for about twenty minutes about the faith, Ricky committed himself to getting to confession and Mass, and living his Catholic faith again. As they were getting ready to depart, Ricky said, with sadness, “We won’t see each other ever again.”

So now, two months later, they ran into each other again, by chance, in the busiest airport in the world. Ricky was still wearing the miraculous medal and crucifix Steve had given him. Amazed to see Steve again, he told him that he was still practicing the faith, and that he had even told his mother about Steve.

Praised be Jesus Christ! It is clear to us that the Lord is using our apostolate to bring hope and joy to many people. Pray for Ricky, and all those who we speak to. And then, join us!