Detroit, MI. Some members of a few of our Detroit teams were recently evangelizing at a soup kitchen at All Saints Catholic Church in Detroit. Here are a couple of their encounters:

Maisa had one conversation with a man named John. She offered him a rosary after he had taken a free pair of socks. He accepted it, but did not know what it was. Maisa explained it, and as they continued talking, she learned that he believed in Jesus Christ, but had never been baptized! He knew that he had committed many sins, and lamented to Maisa that his sin was so great that there was no way that God could ever forgive him. Maisa encouraged him, telling him that God’s mercy is greater than any sin without exception. His response was beautiful: “I want to become righteous and holy.” Maisa’s response was likewise beautiful: “Then you must repent, believe in the Gospel and be baptized! … Today is the day!! God wants to make you his own!!” John was very happy and wanted to know the next steps to get baptized. So Maisa directed him to the Church.

Maisa, Bob and John Paul spoke to a woman named Marie who was Catholic, but after talking with her found out that she never had been confirmed. Marie was bitter and angry towards her father. So Maisa and Bob talked to her about forgiveness. “As Christians, we must forgive,” they said, “since Jesus has suffered and died on the cross for our sins and we did not deserve mercy from him, so must you forgive your father, even though he may not deserve it.” This made sense to Marie, who wanted to be freed from the weight she has had on her heart over the years. They told her she should go to confession first, and then begin receiving the Eucharist, because the Eucharist is the Sacrament of Love, and Jesus will give her the love that she does not have for her father. She should also begin praying for her father’s soul. Then they told her to inquire about getting confirmed because she will then have a fuller share of the Holy Spirit, who will Himself give her the courage and boldness to spread the love of God to others.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Jesus came into the world to bring glad tidings to the poor, to preach liberty to captives, and the recovery of sight to the blind. If we are baptized and confirmed Christians, this is our mission also. Saint Paul Street Evangelization is one great way to fulfil our mission. Will you join us?