Riverside, CA. When our evangelists offer free rosaries and medals and get turned down, the most common next step they take is to wish the person a great day, and let them go. But sometimes they persist; and in turn, sometimes such persistence bears fruit. One of our chapter coordinators, Paul, recently sent us an account of some of his team’s “latest adventures.” Paul’s Riverside, California team went out to the streets not too long ago, offering rosaries and metals to passersby.

When they asked a man named David if he’d like a rosary, he said, “No thanks, I’m Jewish.” Paul cleverly responded, “So was Jesus and Mary.” David politely replied that one of his friends had tried to convert him, but he’s not interested.

But Paul persisted. If David didn’t want a rosary, maybe he wanted a medal: “Would you like a metal of one of our saints?” “No thanks,” he answered.

There must’ve been some kind of openness that he saw in David, because Paul still wouldn’t be discouraged. He said, “Did you know that the first fifteen popes were Jewish?” David said, “No, I didn’t know that.” So Paul handed him a medal, “Here’s a metal of St. Jude; he was also Jewish.”

The persistence finally paid off: “Ok, I’ll take it. Thank you!”

“No, thank you! Your people brought the Savior into the world!”

Of course, all that happened is that the man took a medal. But who knows what God’s providence might accomplish through a simple religious medal? Thank you, Paul, for being persistent!

Praised be Jesus Christ! Would you like to get involved with our apostolate? You can bear witness to the Good News of God’s presence with us in Jesus Christ, through simple conversations with people on the street; and through giving out religious medals, rosaries, and pamphlets. Go to our website for training, resources, and to get connected to a team in your area. Or even start your own team!