Riverside, CA. Our teams usually schedule specific days and times to evangelize. Sometimes, however, God Himself schedules an evangelization outing for us. Here’s a report from Paul:

Last week we were planning to go out on Sunday, but on Saturday morning I was taken to the emergency room at St. Bernadine Hospital. I asked God if he could help me so that I could evangelize the following day. The nurse came in to get me ready for a C-Scan; her name was Diane. She told me to remove any jewelry that I was wearing, and I said “I’m not wearing any except this,” and showed her my brown scapular. She said, “Oh a scapular, I used to wear one.”

I asked if she was Catholic, and she said yes.

“Do you go to Mass?” She lowered her head and said no, she has been mad at God since her mother died. I said “You shouldn’t blame God and rob yourself.”

I went in and had my C-scan. When I came out, Diane came up to me and said that she believes everything happens for a reason, and that she thinks God had sent me to bring her back to Mass. I told her about Divine Mercy Sunday. Diane said she would try to start going back to Mass.

Praised be Jesus Christ! If you give your life over to God, disposing yourself to be sent in mission for whatever He wills, He takes you up on your offer and takes control. Thank you, Paul, for making the most of a trip to the emergency room!