Las Vegas, NV. A report from Las Vegas:
“Here we are starting up. It wasn’t long before someone stopped by, a couple from California. He was in the Marine Corps and she was his wife who stayed at home with their three children. They were in Las Vegas for one last fun time before he was honorably discharged from the military and she was looking for a job.

I asked them if their children were baptized. She looked quizzically at me and said, “No.” She looked at her husband Dave and asked him “Why not?” She said she wasn’t Catholic, but her husband was raised Catholic.

I told them about baptism, how it removes original sin and brings them into the family of God. I showed them in the Bible where Peter wrote, “Baptism … which now saves you” (1 Pet 3:21). I went on to tell them of the beauty of the Catholic Church — how the Catholic church started the first hospitals, the first universities, the first schools, the first orphanages, and that there are 32 craters on the moon named after Jesuit priests. They asked if they could have more of our pamphlets. Of course, I gave them all they wanted.”

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