Phoenix, AZ. The importance of prayer and prayer partners can’t be over-emphasized. The Phoenix Northwest Team recently asked evangelists and prayer partners to implore God to send us more evangelists. And the Lord answered their prayer!

On this night at the Phoenix First Friday Artwalk, two regular evangelists (Susan and Doug) were joined by a relative newcomer, Fiona, and two novices, Yazmin and Pedro. These three have not had formal SPSE training, but they were willing and ready to hand out sacramentals and to talk to people about Christ and His Church.

One strength the young people had was approachability as the very young crowd could identify more with them. They were extremely successful and enjoyed some good encounters.
One man told Susan he had already turned down a rosary. She apologized saying the team tries to remember everyone and not harangue them. He said the SPSE approach is perfect and positive ideas are welcomed downtown. He then accepted a miraculous medal on a ball chain, explaining he can use all the help he can get.

Pedro just happened upon the SPSE team that night and is very familiar with SPSE. His church choir practice was canceled and so he came downtown. He walked up and asked to join in. Pedro was later told he and the other young evangelists were an answer to prayer and he was glad to help.