Saint Louis, MO. What might be one of the more important signs that the efforts of the new evangelization are bearing fruit? Here’s a hint from one of the first great leaders of the Church, a patron of our apostolate: “We are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We beseech you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God!”

The mission and message that the Church of Jesus Christ proclaims is reconciliation. All people are called to repent, and by this means be at peace with their Divine Creator. Here is a report from a team in St. Louis, in which they discover that their earlier work street evangelizing resulted in reconciliation with God:

“We had two people attend Mass that we had met while street evangelizing earlier in the day – a mother and her son who were in town from Indiana to tour SLU as an option for college next year. We met them on the street and asked if they went to confession regularly (because they had said they were regular church going Catholics). When we arrived to the Church, the lady had already gone to confession and was sitting in the pew in near-tears; her son was in “the box.” She said “I went to confession!” with a big smile! Although the Extraordinary Form of the Liturgy was new to them, they followed along in the provided translations and were so happy at the end of the Mass. It was a new experience for them, especially receiving the Eucharist at the communion rail. They stayed for a long time visiting the various side altars and praying. Inspiring.”

Praised be Jesus Christ! If the mission of the Church is reconciliation with God, don’t you think that the number of people going to confession regularly might be a helpful indicator of the effectiveness of the Church’s efforts to carry out that mission? Just a thought. For your part, will you join us and help us bring souls into peaceful communion with their Creator? Join us!